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Planning and real-time software solutions for network-wide thermal analysis of Underground Power Distribution systems.

CYMCAP/NET determines underground primary and secondary distribution cable thermal ratings, for entire networks in both steady state and transient analysis domains. CYMCAP/NET allows distribution planners to effortlessly identify the underground network "hot spots" and to rank the thermal impact of network contingencies to enhance the overall system reliability.

Because of its unique architecture, CYMCAP/NET can also be used in real time (CYMCAP/RT) by the system operators to monitor the status of the underground network and maintain service continuity, by proper anticipation of incoming thermal damage, an essential consideration for networks operating under stress or abnormal outage conditions.

Responsive and dependable solution

CYMCAP/NET is a three-tier software solution generating comprehensive reports and all the relevant information to address planning and operations requirements to manage safely and reliably underground distribution systems.

The Graphical User Interface (GUI) is the first tier of the CYMCAP/NET solution. The CYMCAP/NET GUI consists of an enhanced version of the field proven CYME Power Cable Ampacity Program (CYMCAP) that incorporates a rich set of facilities to build and maintain all kinds of cable types, duct banks and heat sources configuration by virtue of its extensive dedicated libraries, create "what if" analysis scenarios, launch simulation cases, refresh the values from the SCADA and obtain textual and graphical reports as required.

Please refer to the CYMCAP product data sheet to learn more about its characteristics.
The CYMCAP/NET GUI is an ergonomic interface that allows the users to easily and efficiently detailed in-depth reviews of any thermal section of the larger distribution system for either inspection or post-mortem analysis.

The CYMCAP/NET system is open to interface with third-party conduit management systems in order to determine the actual cable positions within a duct bank. It also offers a cable Position Optimizer module, whose role is to "a priori" determine conservative cable positioning while automatically preserving lower voltage cable placement requirements.

The second tier, the CYMCAP/NET Engine Services Layer (ESL), is dedicated to performing the actual thermal simulations and it seamlessly interfaces with the third tier, responsible for managing the volume of massive amount of simulation results. The ESL components receive inputs from the GUI, process and generate the results that are transparently accessible in their entirety from the GUI. The modularity of the CYMCAP/NET ESL permits to add independently considerable analytical capabilities as a provision for future system functionality enhancements, making directly extensible to address calculations not only for aerial but, also, for transmission systems.

The third tier, the Data Services Layer (DSL), grants the CYMCAP/NET system access to both input and simulation results data. This layer is responsible for storing and retrieving the data and for maintaining the integrity and the consistency of the Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). CYMCAP/NET is configured to support distributed access right protocols for data and calculations thus reserving specific tasks to specific personnel an essential preoccupation for data integrity.

CYMCAP/NET allows the user to view anyone of the thousands of thermal sections of a distribution system. The system extracts automatically the list of the most stressed cables that may require particular attention.
Typical system deployment

The CYMCAP/NET implementation can very well begin within the planning department. The main objective is to maintain and determine a thermally viable distribution network wide model taking into account all contemplated network contingencies. The CYMCAP/NET system will allow you to:

  • Import the distribution network model "as is" from electrical network analysis applications, a typical one being any power flow.
  • Perform detailed thermal analysis for each and every section pertaining to the network, by allowing different emergency and standard operating temperatures for every cable type in the system inventory
  • Optimize the positioning of cables in each section to create a conservative rating profile, while at the same time avoiding over design practices.
  • Develop Normal and Emergency operating strategies that will strengthen distribution facilities.

A natural extension of CYMCAP/NET will be its migration to real time operations (CYMCAP/RT), within either a control center or via dedicated near-real time operations thus capitalizing both on the flexibility as well as on the inherent computational power of the system. The CYMCAP/RT system will then provide the network operators with the real-time support they need to make informed decisions by taking into account actual loading network conditions and daily load profiles, in enhancing system reliability and service continuity .

Software services and support

CYMCAP/NET inherits its remarkable functionality and inter-operability from the same group of highly qualified engineers and computer specialists who have developed the full product line of CYME Power Engineering Analysis software.

The CYMCAP/NET three tier client-server solution delivers unequalled performance. Its distinctive architecture warrants a robust and highly dependable solution, simple to maintain and offers great scalability perspectives to address present and future needs.

CYMCAP/NET rests on a flexible and open design, easily customizable to service the diverse needs of the industry. It can be custom-tailored to your computer environment to best accommodate your specific requirements capitalizing on:

  • Legacy systems and third-party or in-house software applications.
  • Microsoft NT or Unix environments or a mix of both.
  • Commercial Relational Database Management Systems, already Optimized for ORACLE RDBMS where large-scale data processing is required.
  • CYME's off-the-shelf power analysis software

CYME's dedicated team of professionals is ready to assist your company in integrating CYMCAP/NET and /RT versions into your specific environment to leverage your business processes and improve your asset management. From the early stage of specification down to the roll out of the system, CYME provides the support and the software services, as required, partnering with your technical staff to implement power engineering solutions that will meet your expectations.
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