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CYME for ArcGIS Desktop™

Utility engineers are more than ever asked to perform multiple tasks, needing to make informed decisions quickly. While some prefer working with multiple tools and software, others opt for the simplicity of working in a single environment that provides all necessary information. CYME for ArcGIS Desktop™ is the solution to embed power systems analytics into your GIS environment. Along with the CYME Server solution, it offers powerful analytical ability.

The power of the CYME software within GIS

As a commercial software product, the CYME toolbar for ArcGIS Desktop™ is designed to cater to those who wish to obtain CYME analysis results within their GIS interface.

The CYME toolbar is teamed with the CYME Server solution, a complete service-based solution which has the ability to offer real-time network analysis by using the powerful CYME simulation engines. Network analyses offered through the CYME toolbar include:

  • Load allocation
  • Load flow analysis
  • Short-circuit analysis

Users can use different sets of calculation parameters to perform analysis on selected circuits, providing great flexibility when evaluating and comparing multiple scenarios. An advanced Data Validation tool is also offered.

Simulation results are integrated for visualization within the ArcGIS Desktop™ interface with dynamic tabular reports and result labels. Color-coding layers displaying abnormal conditions help engineers identify easily on the GIS map the overloaded equipment and the areas with voltage problems.

For those who desire access to accurate electrical simulation results from their ArcGIS Desktop™ interface, the combined power of the CYME toolbar for ArcGIS™ and the CYME Server solution is the right tool for you.

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