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CYME Gateway -
Creating the Network Model for CYME

As utilities progress toward the era of smart grid with the implementation of smart meters, devices and systems, a growing amount of detailed information becomes available to allow operating the distribution network more effectively than ever before. The CYME Gateway solution is the bridge between your traditional or smart grid data and the CYME power engineering analysis software.

Smart Network Model for Distribution System Analysis

The CYME Gateway solution extracts all necessary information from your GIS and other enterprise systems to automatically generate up-to-date and accurate distribution network models, ready for planning and operational studies executed with the CYME software.

One of the biggest challenges for distribution system engineers is to have a complete, up-to-date network model to work with. The CYME Gateway solution eases the technical complexity that distribution system engineers have to face in gathering and integrating relevant system data into a single network model. It extracts the required information and builds the most complete network possible for the CYME software, on demand or automatically.

By combining and bringing the smart grid data into a distribution system analysis tool, DG penetration can be assessed, demand growth and network capacity can be optimized and power engineering planning can be done more efficiently.

Extraction from GIS… and more

The CYME Gateway solution interfaces with systems such as:

  • GIS – Network topology
  • AMI/AMR/MDM, CIS – Load information
  • SCADA – Feeder demand
  • DMS – Dynamic setting, IED readings
  • OMS – Actual switch status, failure history
  • Protective device data: relays, fuses, reclosers

As the network evolves from a traditional grid to a smarter grid, the CYME Gateway solution always provides an updated network model for the CYME analysis software, which can represent accurately operation conditions of the distribution network for improved support for operation engineers. It can furthermore automate network calculations to allow more accurate network studies.

Powerful and User-Friendly

Through its intuitive interface, users can select the feeders, substations and any complementary information they want to extract and import into the CYME network model.

The CYME Gateway solution can be customized to perform operations such as:

  • Advanced electrical data validation
  • Network calculations in batch mode using CYME/Python®
  • Automated load allocation
  • Protective device coordination verification

Other available add-on functionalities include:

  • Identification of GIS data discrepancies
  • Quality control via a staging database
  • User-friendly web-based reporting

With all its functionalities, the CYME Gateway solution is without a doubt the perfect link between your enterprise systems and the CYME power engineering software.

Your Network, Your Gateway

Developed in house, more than 75 CYME Gateway projects have been successfully delivered and have been used in production since 2006.

To tailor the CYME Gateway solution to suit your needs, CYME experts evaluate your data, identify the requirements, design the final solution, and develop and implement the interface within your particular IT environment. Our expert team assists you during the different phases of the integration, such as deployment, on-site configuration and training.

Maintenance services offered include the upgrade to new GIS versions, the upgrade to new CYME software versions as well as fast and professional support services.

For more efficient planning, more accurate studies, you will need an accurate network model. The CYME Gateway solution is the absolute application you can count on for bringing all that is smart into the CYME power engineering software.

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