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Maintenance Services

Customer support and maintenance, including updates, are supplied free of charge for the first year.

After the one-year free-of-charge customer support and update period, offered immediately upon purchase of the software, maintenance contracts are available on an annual basis at a cost that amounts to 12% of the software current list price.

This service includes prompt customer support by phone, fax or electronic-mail and access to updates reflecting on-going software developments.

Tel:(450) 461-3655, International & Canada
Tel:(800) 361-3627, USA & Canada
Fax:(450) 461-0966, International & Canada

All of our clients, with valid maintenance contracts or are under the one-year free-of-charge customer support and upgrade period, will be advised by e-mail on the availability of new versions on our web site.

To maintain our technological advantage and offer our clientele the best products that meet the latest industry standards, CYME earmarks a large portion of its sales revenue for research and development.

This has always been a key factor in a) successfully providing our demanding clientele with new and powerful analytical and/or interface options and b) consolidating and maintaining CYME as a cutting-edge high-technology product supplier.
Contact information

International & Canada
Tel:(450) 461-3655
Fax:(450) 461-0966
Tel:(800) 361-3627