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Technical Support

Software Upgrade Services

All of our clients, with valid maintenance contracts or are under the one-year free-of-charge customer support and upgrade period, will be advised by e-mail on the availability of new versions on our web site.

After Sales Customer Support

Software support necessitates the ready availability of dedicated professionals, with a very short response time to meet urgent end-user inquiries.

The policy of CYME has always been to respond to a customer support call, fax or email within the very same business day.

All customer technical questions can be e-mailed to or faxed to (450) 461-0966.

Our local agents in over 35 countries around the world can also provide customer support locally.

Please rest assured that CYME offers unsurpassed customer after sales support and is one of our major advantages over our competitors.

In addition, CYME can offer a wide range of services such as power system studies, training, special projects implementation and custom software development.
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