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CYME Power Engineering Software -
Electrical Network Editor

The Network Editor is the graphical user interface underlying the CYME analyses modules. It provides the user with great flexibility in creating the one-line diagram of the network as well as providing a wide variety of options to customize the displays and reports.

The CYME Network Editor is one of the most user friendly and powerful engineering tools available on the market today.

In addition to the state of the art graphic user interface, field proven analysis functions of the CYME software are incorporated into this software platform. The analysis function menus in the software are presented as a very user friendly oriented interface along with contextual on line help.

  • Display options to customize the look and feel of the network one line diagram
  • Customization of one line diagram results, reports and result tags with built in keywords
  • Introduction of the concept of page layout for your workspace to print the network on any paper size
  • Network devices include their own connection ports and can be dragged and dropped onto the workspace without the need to connect immediately to a bus or node
  • Customer load model library which includes both composite and exponential types
  • “Tree View” style for the equipment database and network equipment settings
  • Enhanced protective device representation
  • Multiple undo and redo capabilities
  • Intermediate nodes to create any desired connection other than the standard orthogonal
  • Enhanced snap-to-grid functionality
  • Representation of nested networks
  • Group properties and commands
  • Extensive database of equipment such as cables, conductors, generators and motors
  • A database manager that includes electrical equipment parameter estimation functions for all types of equipment such as induction and synchronous motors as well as generators
  • Transmission line positive and zero sequence impedance calculation as per user defined geometrical line spacing configuration
  • Computation of underground single and/or three-core cable impedance parameters with either sheath or ground return
  • Network symbol editor to create a user defined library of symbols
  • Import of existing PSAF study files through a built in database and network connectivity conversion program
  • Import of AutoCAD® drawing files and placed as background maps to trace the electrical network diagram over
  • Export of reports to Excel® or Internet Explorer®

The CYME program includes hands-on tutorials with examples which familiarize the user with software functionality and customization. These tutorials include both the required documentation and the corresponding self contained study file.

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