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CYME Users Group

Annual Conference

Once a year, CYME invites its community of users at its international Users Group Conference in Canada. This yearly experience allows our customers to meet peers from all over the world, to share ideas, and to progress in their knowledge of the CYME software.

  • Learn and exchange about the recent technical advances of the CYME software.
  • Increase the ability to utilize the full functionality of the software.
  • Discuss about CYME software, services and training.
  • Express and discuss your opinions, ideas and experiences about power engineering.

For CYME, this is a key occasion to:

  • Present the new features of the CYME software.
  • Present the full potential of selected CYME features.
  • Update the community of users on CYME activities.
  • Evaluate the relevance and usefulness of upcoming features and offerings.
  • Learn about users experience.
  • Identify emerging trends.
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