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EMTP-RV, Electromagnetic Transient Program

EMTP-RV is a specialized software for the simulation and analysis of transients in power systems. The EMTP Development Coordination Group (DCG) was the result of over 20 years of extensive research. EMTP-RV is the world’s most full-featured simulation and analysis program for power system transients.

Developed and maintained by POWERSYS, under the control of the DCG, the EMTP-RV package includes a very intuitive GUI (graphical user interface), a completely reprogrammed computational engine and an advanced output processor. It features a wide variety of modeling capabilities for studying various phenomena ranging in duration from microseconds to seconds. Uses include switching and lightning surge analysis, insulation coordination, shaft torsional oscillations, ferroresonance and power electronics applications (microgrids, HVDC, VSC, etc.) in power systems.


EMTP-RV is suited to a wide variety of power system studies, whether they relate to project design and engineering, or to solving problems and unexplained failures.

  • Power system design
  • General purpose circuit analysis: wideband, from load-flow to steady-state initialization to time-domain.
  • Simulation and analysis of power system transients; lightning, switching, temporary conditions.
  • Detailed simulation and analysis of large scale (unlimited size) electrical systems.
  • Network analysis: network separation, power quality, geomagnetic storms, interaction between compensation and control components, wind generation.
  • Synchronous machines: SSR, auto-excitation, control.
  • Multiterminal HVDC systems.
  • Power electronics.
  • Series compensation: MOV energy absorption, short-circuit conditions, network interaction.
  • Transmission line systems: insulation coordination, switching, design, wideband line and cable models.
  • Switchgear: TRV, shunt compensation, current chopping, delayed-current zero conditions, arc interaction.
  • Protection: power oscillations, saturation problems, surge arrester influences.
  • Detailed transient stability analysis.
  • Unbalanced distribution networks.

Software Package

  • EMTP-RV: A powerful and super-fast computational engine that provides significantly improved solution methods for nonlinear models, control systems, and user-defined models. The engine features a plug-in model interface, allowing users to add their own models.
  • EMTPWorks: An advanced, yet easy-to-use graphical user interface that maximizes the capabilities of the underlying EMTP-RV engine. EMTPWorks offers drag-and-drop convenience that lets users quickly design, modify and simulate electric power systems. A drawing canvas and the ability to externally program device data allows users to fully customize simulations to their needs. EMTPWorks can be used for small systems or very large-scale systems.
  • ScopeView: Provides waveform visualization and advanced mathematical post-processing capabilities.

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EMTPWorks User Interface

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Sample Waveforms

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